I am a custom woodworker and woodturner located in Lenoir, NC. I enjoy taking ordinary woods and making them into unique pieces of art. Nothing pleases me more than making things by hand and to see what lies beneath the bark of a tree.
I started wood turning in 2011 wanting to make baseball bats. That quickly changed to turning game calls, rolling pins and other spindle turnings which led me to wanting to turn bowls. I gave it a try and after my first one I was hooked. Now after 10+ years of turning and countless mistakes later I'm still learning and growing both as a turner and an artist. Taking what would otherwise be discarded and turning it into a piece of art that could be used or displayed is still very rewarding. 
Every piece of wood is harvested locally here in NC. A lot of pieces are turned from wood that would otherwise become firewood. Having a sawmill in my family lets me discover unique and unusual pieces of  wood that I use to create my projects. Each piece is given the utmost attention and detail to make and create the best piece possible.
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